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It all started when we spotted a beautifully made basket in Blantyre Market! We asked the owner of the stall, mr. Bigna, who had made this basket and polite mr. Bigna called up the artisan and asked him to come to the market. And so it happened, he came to the market and then together we went to his village, where more weavers were waiting for us under a mango tree! And that's how it all started! ... AND THE NAME THEY CHOSE FOR THE CLUB....MANGO CLUB!

MANGO CLUB NEED​ACCESS TO MARKETS "we need orders", Rodric, basket-weaver

These rural basket-weavers/artisans have been making baskets for generations. Currently the problem they face is that they have the basket-making skills but no market to sell their baskets to. As a result they face major problems and live below the poverty line.
Access to markets for these artisans is difficult mainly due to lack of:

1. business training  2. design & innovation  3.knowledge of available markets


Mango club was set up from scratch with the assistance

of People of the Sun. It started with 3 weavers and

every week its growing and growing! All they need is to

build capacity so that we can connect them to the market.

Business training

- english classes

- accounting & book keeping

- pricing

- negotiation skills

- understanding of value chains

- branding & identity building

Design & Innovation

- product development

- natural colours development

- quality control and consitency

Production space & resources

- workstation

Natural resources

- new plantation of the village has run out!


Once capacity is build then we will market, organise exports and sell their products to national and international markets.



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