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​We were on our way to MANGO club, when we saw a bicycle carrying the most beautiful cane chairs! We stopped the car immediately and asked who makes these stunning chairs ..... and he said TIYANJANE CLUB! He gave us the telephone number of the chairman and we continued our way to our scheduled MANGO club meeting. And funny enough, through word of mouth, our reputation in the region had spread already! The chairman of TIYANJANE club had heard about the People of the Sun and their impact and had come to meet us! So it was fate to meet that day!

TIYANJANE CLUB NEED: ACCESS TO MARKETS "we need more and steady orders",  Amos Ligawo, chairman

TIYANJANE club has very skilled weavers, who can produce good quality products. However, they have massive problems accessing markets.  As a result most weavers face major problems and live on less than 1$ a day.
Access to markets for these artisans is difficult mainly due to lack of:

1. business training  2.  knowledge of relevant national and international markets


TIYANJANE club was set up in 1979 by

mr. Amos Ligawo.

The club has now grown to 60 members, including

some women, but the club struggles to give orders to all.

If the club reaches more markets then it can reach to all its 

members and train even more!

Business training

- operations & management

- accounting & book keeping

- pricing

- negotiation skills

- understanding of value chains

- branding & identity building

Design & Innovation

- expand product range

Production space & resources

- a concrete platform

(to make sure furniture are straight!)




The club has the capacity to deliver big orders. So we

will start the process of marketing, organising exports

and sell their products to national and international markets.



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