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PEOPLE OF THE SUN is a nonprofit social enterprise registered and based in Malawi. We mobilise rural and urban informal artisan initiatives in the country, (in the sector of furniture and home accessories), in order to raise the profile of locally made products on a national and international level and create economic, social and cultural value in Malawi, while lifting the producers/artisans out of poverty.

We spot and partner with artisans, with extra-terrestrial smiles and unique skills, who use their indigenous knowledge and natural resources​ to make bespoke products by hand. Then, we connect them with business training, design development and the marketplace.

​ The

 caring & style​

movement is about

making stylish choices,

while ​helping

artisans in Malawi

improve their lives

and move out of



Our mission​ ​is to create opportunities for low-income artisans in Malawi to build sustainable businesses, inspired by their indigenous knowledge and traditions, so that eventually they can REDUCE POVERTY through TRADE.

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